Why Garage Door Sizes Matter

by | Apr 29, 2022 | Garage Doors

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Having a garage is a must for homeowners with vehicles, especially if street parking is prohibited in the neighborhood. A garage will keep your vehicle safe from hazardous conditions and thieves. Additionally, you can use the extra spaces in the garage for storage.

Deciding for the right garage door is essential if you plan to have a garage at home. Choosing your garage door entails knowing the exact garage door size to help you maximize its functionality. This article will guide you in picking the appropriate door size for your garage.

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The Average Garage Door Size

There is a wide variety of garage doors to choose from. However, one of the essential things to consider is having the right door size that will fit your garage. Typically, garage doors in residential homes have standard or average sizes, depending on how large the garage area is. These average garage door sizes include:

One-Car Garage Door

The one-car garage door is intended for small garage spaces that can only accommodate a single standard-sized car. The average one car garage door size is usually 7′ to 8′ tall by 8′, 9′, to 10′ wide. The 8′ x 7′ garage door dimension is typical in residential areas with a pre-existing single-car garage. However, it can be too tight for SUVs and trucks. If you plan to construct a new home with a garage, we recommend a 9′ or 10′ garage door width that can accommodate larger modern cars.

Two-Car Garage Door

The two-car garage doors are common in homes with large garage areas that can fit multiple vehicles. The average two car garage door size is 7′ to 8′ tall by 16′ to 18′ wide. Even having only one car, we still recommend this garage door size, especially if you plan to use a portion of your garage as a storage or working area. 

Common Garage Door Sizes

Common garage doors, including traditional, carriage house, and contemporary garage doors, generally have average sizes. A small garage typically uses a one-car garage door size, while garages with large spaces use two-car garage door sizes. Here are some examples of our garage doors from different garage styles with their respective garage sizes:

Traditional Garage Doors

Traditional garage door example

Traditional style garage doors have a clean and classic design that complements the surrounding home architecture. Symmetrical and clean-looking rectangular panels characterize these garage doors. The Prestige XL from our door manufacturer Garaga (formerly Mid America) is a one-car garage door with a 9′ x 7′ dimension that has a traditional garage door design.

Carriage House Garage Doors

Carriage house garage door example

A carriage house garage door, also known as a “barn style garage door,” is perfect for a country-style house. Its appearance resembles the doors of old carriage houses. Village V is one of our carriage house two-car garage door designs with 16′ x 7′ dimensions.

Contemporary Garage Doors

Contemporary garage door example

Contemporary garage doors are known for their classic functional details and clean lines. These garage doors usually use modern materials like steel and aluminum. Our Moderno Multi design is a 9′ x 7′ contemporary style one-car garage door that will perfectly blend with your modern house design.

Custom Size Garage Door

Not all houses have the same standard-sized garage door frames. A pre-existing garage with a non-standard frame needs a custom garage door size. Before having your custom-size garage door, you first need to take initial measurements to determine the accurate dimensions of your garage. Specifically, you need to measure the following:

  • Width and height – the dimensions of your garage door opening
  • Side room – the width of the left and right areas of the garage door opening
  • Headroom – the distance between the top of the garage door opening and the ceiling
  • Backroom – the distance from the garage door to the back wall of the garage

Having the exact measurements helps you get the right custom garage door size that perfectly fits your garage.  


Residential garages with well-fitted garage door sizes are considerably more secure. Having no gaps around the sides of the garage door will keep anyone entering your garage.


No pests can get inside your garage if the garage door fits and closes tightly. Pests are usually rampant in residential areas during the cold season as they tend to look for a warmer place to nest. Having gaps in your garage door will allow entry for pests to your garage.


When you have a garage door that does not securely fit, heat can escape through the cracks or gaps. Having the right garage door size will help maintain the temperature of your garage

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