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West Michigan Garage Door

Did you know that 55% of homeowners use the garage as their main entry point? On average, a garage door opens 3-5 times per day, which is around 1500 times per year. Garage doors are built to last around 20 years, but this is all dependent on material, usage, and maintenance. Are you using your West Michigan garage door on a regular basis, and, if so, what for? Is your garage an entryway, storage unit, a necessity, or does it merely add to the curb appeal of your home? Think of it this way, your West Michigan garage door is multi-purpose to fit the many facets of your lifestyle, whether you’re using it to park your car, or store seasonal decorations. Your garage door is important, that’s why it’s necessary to perform annual upkeep, as well as trust your local West Michigan garage door specialists with garage door repair and replacement.

West Michigan Garage Door Maintenance

Garage door maintenance increases the longevity and functionality of your garage door and its components. As stated earlier, on average, garage doors last around 20 years, but that lifespan can also range anywhere from 15-30 years depending on the door itself, environment, and upkeep. For example, steel doors last the longest, at 30 years. Glass garage doors are one of the least practical materials for use because they lack privacy, tend to get hot quickly, and are vulnerable to cracks and scratches. Garage door maintenance should be considered routine and performed at least twice a year. West Michigan garage door maintenance includes performing safety tests, examining hardware, and lubricating moving parts; although, lubrication should be performed every 3 to 6 months. If you don’t want to perform visual inspections and lubrication yourself, we recommend having your garage door serviced at least once year.

Garage Door Repair

Garage door repairs due to a variety of factors including lack of maintenance, lifespan of parts, damage from the elements, etc. Springs are some of the most commonly replaced garage door parts. Garage door springs typically last around 20,000 cycles, and cycles are measured in terms of the door opening and closing once. Springs can be affected by extreme cold since metals contracts, which is why having an insulated garage in the West Michigan environment is important. Door cables, hinges, rollers, tracks, and openers also often require repair. Weatherstripping is another factor. This rubber strip uses to prevent water and other elements from entering the garage needs to be sealed properly. Overtime, the strip will wear down and needs to be replaced.

West Michigan Garage Door Replacement

Whether your door needs updating, you’d like a different design, or you need replacement as a solution for repair, garage door installation is easy via the use of a professional. Garage doors will need to be replaced once every 15-30 years. If your door is noisy, drooping, or continuously breaks, it’s time for a new door. If your door is made of a specific material like wood or glass that’s cracked or damaged, again, you may need a replacement door. The national average cost for garage door replacement is $1,118, but this varies by region, type of material, and type of garage door. For instance, a wooden door is more expensive than a steel door and a contemporary door may be more expensive than a traditional one.

Treat your West Michigan garage door like any other essential aspect of your home. The garage door is not just an entry point, but also a mechanical necessity that requires maintenance and care. Take care of your home by also taking care of your garage door. Ensure annual maintenance to prevent costly future repairs and replacement.