Best Ways to Improve Garage Door Security

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Garage Doors

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Your garage might house vehicles, bicycles, sports equipment, and yard tools, but it can also be a prime target for break-ins. In the US, Michigan ranked eighth in the total number of burglaries per state. Michigan experienced almost 20,000 incidents of burglary in 2021. Fortunately, you can improve garage door security through do-it-yourself (DIY) methods. You can also contact a Muskegon garage door repair expert for convenience and utmost security.

Assess Current Security

You can examine your garage’s door security by doing the following:

    • Inspect its physical condition to ensure it has no visible damage. The gaps in your garage door make it easy for strangers to gain unwanted access.
    • Check the quality of locks to control who has access to your garage door.
    • Evaluate the walls and windows for potential weak points that burglars might exploit.
    • Observe regular maintenance to identify possible garage door vulnerabilities.

Reinforce Garage Door Locks

Robust door locks prevent unauthorized access and protect the valuable items inside your garage. They also enhance overall home security and reduce the risk of break-ins and theft. You can increase security by installing a deadbolt lock or a smart lock system in addition to your standard lock. 

A deadbolt lock provides a strong and durable barrier against forced entry. Moreover, it’s a cost-effective solution to tighten your security. On the other hand, a smart lock system allows convenience and remote monitoring and control. As a result, you can receive alerts of unlawful entry. It also eliminates the need for physical locking since it locks and unlocks automatically. 

Upgrade Garage Door Materials

It’s important to use high-quality materials for your garage door. For instance, steel offers a low-maintenance yet durable option to withstand harsh weather conditions. Additionally, a steel garage door comes in different sizes and designs to complement your property.

Meanwhile, a wooden door acts as a natural insulator, which regulates temperature and reduces energy costs. Like steel, it provides durability, so you can use it for several years. However, it requires constant maintenance to preserve its appearance. Furthermore, wooden garage doors require a more substantial budget compared to other options. 

Regardless of your chosen material, it’s best to seek assistance from a skilled Muskegon garage door installer for optimal installation.

Install Security Cameras

Security cameras serve as a visible deterrent against intruders. If criminals see that a property has video cameras, they are less inclined to target the said premises. Remote monitoring also allows homeowners to respond quickly to potential threats.

Below are the simplified ways to install a security camera in your garage:

    1. Determine proper camera placement by identifying critical areas for coverage. Make sure the camera can capture the garage door and entry points.
    2. Choose weather-resistant cameras with night vision and motion detection.
    3. Install cameras in a high place to prevent tampering.
    4. Connect to a central hub and download related recording and remote access apps.

Incorporate Motion Activated Lighting

Motion-activated lighting provides instant illumination when you enter, which can help deter burglars. It can surprise them with sudden light and expose their presence. With motion-activated lighting and security cameras, the identity of burglars can be revealed.

You can follow these steps to install motion sensor lights:

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    1. Select motion sensor lights that are suitable for outdoor use.
    2. Position lights about 6 to 10 feet above garage doors, walkways, entry points, and vulnerable spots.
    3. Cut off electricity to the installation area, then mount lights securely.
    4. Follow manufacturer instructions when connecting the wirings.
    5. Restore power and adjust sensitivity and duration settings.
    6. Test the lights to ensure they activate upon motion detection.

Use Garage Door Sensor Alarms

Sensor alarms detect unauthorized entry and alert property owners in real time. In addition, the loud sound can scare off invaders and prevent them from continuing their criminal acts. The blaring noise from sensor alarms can also guarantee immediate response to break-ins. Hence, you can have peace of mind that your garage remains safe from trespassers.

Improve and Ensure Safety With Us

Your garage protects your stored valuable items from rainfall, debris, and snow. It can also serve as a workshop for your projects. Unfortunately, people with bad intentions may attempt to break into your garage. Our experts at Shepherd Shoreline can help improve garage door security. Contact us today at (231) 780-2847 or here to get your free quote.

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