Mythbusting Garage Door Safety – Debunking Common Fears and Misconceptions

by | Apr 27, 2024 | Garage Doors

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Garage doors offer secure parking, a space for storage, and a touch of convenience to our lives. However, their sheer size and the powerful mechanisms involved can sometimes spark safety concerns. You might have heard stories about doors going haywire, damaging items and property, or causing accidents. But are these worries justified, or just myths born out of outdated ideas?

It’s completely understandable to have questions about garage door safety, especially if you have children or pets. Thankfully, modern garage doors have come a long way, and many of those old fears are simply unfounded. Let’s debunk some of the common misconceptions about garage doors and make sure you have the knowledge you need to feel secure.

Myth #1: Garage Doors Can Easily Crush Someone (or a Pet)

In the past, garage doors operated primarily on mechanical systems. It was possible for a door with a malfunction or enough momentum to close on an object or person, causing injuries or even death. To prevent such incidents, federal regulations mandated that all garage doors manufactured after 1993 must include safety sensors. 

These sensors project an invisible beam across the opening of the garage. If that beam is interrupted, for instance, by a person, a pet, or an object, the door will automatically stop closing and reverse its direction. In addition, modern garage doors are equipped with a force-sensing mechanism. If the door meets any substantial resistance while closing, it triggers an immediate reversal.

To ensure your garage door remains a safe part of your home, here are some essential safety tips:

    • Sensor Testing. Check the sensors at least once a month by placing an object in the beam’s path while the door is closing. The door should stop and reverse.
    • Clear Doorway. Ensure the area under and around the garage door is always clear when it’s in operation. Supervise children and pets, preventing them from running or playing underneath a moving door.

Professional Maintenance. Schedule regular inspections and maintenance by a Spring Lake garage door repair technician to ensure all components and safety features are working as intended.

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Myth #2: Children Can Get Trapped Inside a Garage Door

The thought of a child becoming trapped beneath a garage door is every parent’s nightmare. However, modern garage doors are designed with safety measures to prevent this from happening. 

Garage doors are required to include an emergency release cord, usually with a red handle, located within easy reach. Pulling this cord disconnects the garage door from the automatic opener system, allowing for manual operation if the need arises. If a child is trapped inside the garage, this quick-release feature ensures a quick and safe exit.

Take some time to show your children where the emergency release is located and how it operates. Explain that it should only be used in an emergency situation. Make it clear to them that the garage door opener and any remotes are not toys, and they should never play in the vicinity of the moving door.

Myth #3: Old Garage Doors Are Dangerous

It’s true that age can sometimes be a liability when it comes to garage doors. Older models may lack the advanced safety features found in their modern counterparts, leaving them susceptible to potential hazards. If your garage door is outdated, it might be time to consider an upgrade. 

A new garage door not only improves safety but also gives your home a fresh facelift, making it a good investment. If replacement is not immediately possible, consider having a Spring Lake garage door repair professional inspect your older garage door system to assess its safety and offer any potential improvement options.

Myth #4: Garage Door Springs Are Too Powerful to Handle

DIY garage door spring repair or replacement has the potential to be incredibly dangerous. The springs are under enormous tension, and one wrong move can lead to serious injury. That’s why it’s best to seek assistance from trained professionals equipped with the right tools and expertise to handle all your garage door spring needs.

While you shouldn’t fix the garage door springs yourself, being aware of their condition is important for your safety. Regularly check your springs for any visible signs of damage. Look for rust, unusual gaps between the coils, or any unevenness in their shape. Be alert for strange noises, such as creaking, snapping, or grinding, when the garage door is in operation. Any of these indicators can signify potential spring issues that need prompt action to prevent safety risks.

Myth #5: Garage Door Openers Make Garages Easy Targets for Burglars

Older garage door openers used fixed codes, making them susceptible to thieves who could intercept the signal to gain access. Modern garage door openers, however, offer improved security measures to deter unwanted entry. Such openers often utilize rolling codes, meaning the security code transmitted between your remote and opener changes with every single use, or enhanced encryption.

To further enhance your garage door security, never leave your garage door remote in plain sight inside your car. Instead, take it inside the house when your car is parked to eliminate the opportunity for easy theft. Always keep the door connecting your garage to your home locked to prevent unauthorized access, even if someone manages to get into your garage.

Enhance Your Safety with Shepherd Shoreline

Garage door safety misconceptions are widespread, but knowing the facts helps you make informed decisions. If you ever have doubts about the safety of your garage door or are considering an upgrade, Shepherd Shoreline is here to help. Our team of experienced technicians offers comprehensive garage door services that prioritize safety, security, and reliability. Whether you’re in need of Spring Lake garage door installation, repair, or safety inspection, we are ready to lend a helping hand. Contact us today at (231) 780-2847 or here, and let us help you keep your garage and loved ones safe.


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