Frequently Asked Questions about Garage Doors

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Garage Doors

Frequently Asked Questions about Garage Doors

After being in the industry for 50 years and hearing every question in the book, we can confidently say, “these are some of the most frequently asked questions about garage doors”. See if we answered yours!

FAQ: Garage Doors Series

What are common garage door problems?

The most common garage door issues are:

  1. Problems with the switch opener
  2. Issues with the keypad
  3. The remote control is not working
  4. A door not opening or closing
  5. The motor runs but the door doesn’t open
  6. The door makes a lot of noise
  7. The door is not opening correctly
  8. The door operates too slowly

If you are having any of these issues, contact us.

How long do garage doors typically last?

In most cases, a garage door lasts around 15 years, even up to 30 years occasionally. For the most part, it will come down to the amount of usage, the maintenance provided, and the local climate, and the amount of care taken in its operation.

Garage door openers and springs usually last between 10 and 15 years.

What makes garage door springs break?

There are a few things that can lead to the springs breaking:

  1. Rust
  2. Wear and tear
  3. Lack of or improper maintenance

Is it safe to repair a garage door yourself?

Repairing a garage door on your own is possible, but we don’t recommend it. For one, the mechanisms in garage doors tend to be rather complex. You could end up making the problem worse.

More importantly, you could get hurt. Garage doors are heavy and the springs have a lot of tension; if the springs break, they could cause grave injury. This is one type of repair that is better off left to professionals.

Do garage doors need to be insulated?


An insulated garage door helps control the temperature in your garage area. If your garage wasn’t insulated, it would allow a lot of heat to escape during the winter, making it more difficult to manage the amount of energy and resources you use for heating. A benefit of insulating your garage door is that it also makes it more sturdy while reducing the outside noise.

What are garage doors made of?

Traditionally, garage doors are made out of wood, steel, aluminum, or fiberglass. Steel and wood doors are really popular, but it really depends on your preference. Each material has its own benefits.

Aluminum and fiberglass are very light and can look great. Steel makes for the most secure door. Finally, wood is really good for insulation purposes and is easier to customize.

If my garage door is damaged, can I replace a section instead of the entire door?

Yes, you can just repair or replace one section. However, it will depend on the type of garage door you have.

If one of my springs breaks, do I have to replace both?

If your door uses 2 springs, you must replace them both if one breaks. The reason for this is that springs are used as a set, and if one is damaged it is very likely that the other one has also been impacted by wear and tear. Even if it weren’t the case, using a new spring with an old one could lead to an imbalance for the door.

How can I check if my garage door has any issues?

There are a few things you can do to check if you have any problems with your garage door. These are:

Visual inspection: Inside the garage and with the door closed, look around the springs, rollers, cables, and all its hardware to see if there is anything out of place or any cracks.

Door balance test: if your door has an opener system, close the door and disconnect it. With the system off, you should be able to lift the door with little resistance. Check if the door stays open about three to four feet above the floor. If it doesn’t or you feel resistance trying to open it, then it might be out of balance.


If we missed your question, we hope to hear from you about it! If you feel a little more informed when it comes to garage doors, we hope to hear about that too. If you need assistance with yours or are interested in installing one, give us a call at 231-780-2847.


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