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Have you ever wondered, “How are gutters made? What kinds are out there?” After all, they are partially responsible for maintaining your home’s structural integrity, keeping it damage-free and looking beautiful. This article answers those questions by explaining how gutters are made and the different types available.

Gutter Manufacturing Process

The process of how gutters are made depends on the type of gutter. For instance, makers build K-style gutters differently than seamless gutters. As the name implies, seamless gutters are one continuous piece with no seams or joints.

How Are K-Style Gutters Made?

    • Manufacturers commonly make most of them out of durable and low-maintenance aluminum sheets 
    • They feed the aluminum sheet through a machine that shapes it into a channel 
    • Then, they cut them to the correct length and punch holes or openings

How Are Seamless Gutters Made?

The production of seamless gutters is similar to the K-style build but can be more expensive, often with lengthier and more durable sheets. Seamless gutters are typically made on the client’s property rather than in a standard factory or gutter installation company’s warehouse. The setup is to be expected:

    • The installer brings the materials and equipment to the location
    • They manufacture the gutters
    • They then install the seamless gutters

In some cases, manufacturers make K-style gutters using pre-formed sections cut to length and joined with screws (or rivets). Although this is a less expensive option, they are not as effective as seamless gutters and are still prone to leaking at the seams.”

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Gutter Types Based on Materials

Several types of gutters are available on the market, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Painted aluminum

Painted aluminum gutters are a popular choice because they’re durable and low-maintenance. They’re cold weather-friendly, and they won’t crack or warp in the freezing temperatures.

Pros: Lightweight, resists corrosion, easy to install, available in a variety of colors

Cons: Can dent easily, more expensive than other types of gutters, rusts easier than copper

Galvanized steel

Steel coated with a layer of zinc makes galvanized steel gutters. This material is a good choice if you’re looking for something that’s both strong and inexpensive.

Pros: Resists corrosion, low-maintenance, can be painted

Cons: Can rust over time, especially when neglected


Vinyl gutters are made from PVC plastic. Its popularity has grown in recent years because it’s very low-maintenance and easy to install.

Pros: Resists corrosion, low-cost, easy to install, available in a variety of colors

Cons: Not as durable as other types of gutters (can crack or break in cold weather), can sag


Copper gutters are a popular choice for high-end homes. Although the initial investment is higher, they can last up to 100 years with proper care and maintenance.

Pros: Resists corrosion, easy to install, has a stylish look

Cons: Very expensive, can develop a green patina over time


Other types of gutters are available, but the options listed above are the most common. Let one of the Shepherd Shoreline experts help you decide the type of gutters best suited for your home or business.

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Increasing Gutter Lifespan

Once gutters are installed, it is encouraged to maintain them to help avoid expensive structural damage and increase your gutters lifespan. Here are a few tips:

    1. Use experts for installation – Hiring a licensed professional is key to avoiding preventable mishaps during installation. Licensed installers, like Shepherd Shoreline, have the know-how to properly install all types of gutters due to their many years of experience.  Amateur installers may appear better for your budget, but inexperience could result in a poor installation, resulting in possible structural damage over time.
    2. Clean them often – Clogs can be problematic. The best way to prevent clogs is to clean your gutters regularly. Depending on the number of trees surrounding your home, you might need to clean them monthly or yearly.
    3. Install gutter guards – Gutter guards, such as Leafproof, are a great way to keep your gutters clean and free of debris. They prevent leaves, twigs, and dirt from clogging your drains while allowing rain water to flow. 

You can ensure that your gutters will last for many years by following these recommendations. Regular cleaning and maintenance will go a long way, so be sure to add it to your to-do list.

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