Grand Haven Garage Door

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Grand Haven Garage Door

When it comes to your Grand Haven garage door, maintenance is key, as with any garage door. Garage’s are an overlooked part of your home since they are mainly used for storage, entering, or exiting the premises. With anything that is neglected, unwanted damage may occur. Rollers, cables, and springs are often the culprit when it comes to garage door issues. These components can break due to poor maintenance or even the weather. Below we’ll provide tips and tricks, so that you can maintain your Grand Haven garage door.

Grand Haven Garage Door Maintenance

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Inspection, inspection, inspection! The best prevention against Grand Haven garage door repair is visual inspection; however, some maintenance should be left to garage door technicians. Check hardware, such as door tracks and hinges to make sure they aren’t bent or loose. Check the rollers, springs, and cables. Make sure the rollers are not worn and cables aren’t frayed. If your door springs are broken, call a professional immediately. Trying to fix the springs on your own can result in bodily harm or even death.

You can perform garage door balance and reversal tests on your own. To perform a door balance test, you need to disconnect the door from the opener for manual operation. Lift the door halfway and then release, if it falls, it’s not balanced. When it comes to a reversal test, place a piece of wood or thick foam sponge beneath the door. When the door touches the wood or foam, it should reverse, if not, you’ll need to call a garage door repair specialist. You can also test the photos eyes to make sure they’re aligned and that there’s no debris blocking them.

Another great way to maintain your garage door is through lubrication. You can use silicone sprays to grease smaller parts, or white lithium grease, but that must be applied manually. Close the garage door and turn off the power. Lubricate door hinges, rollers, and ball bearings. Please note, don’t lubricate your tracks because this will cause issues with rollers. You should also lubricate the springs. Lubricate the moving parts of your garage at least once every six months. This not only increases the longevity of those parts, as well as keeps the door quiet.

Your Grand Haven garage door is an essential part of your home, overlooked or not. If you’d rather have a professional perform maintenance on your garage door, the technicians at Shepherd Shoreline are here for you. Call or Email today for a quote!

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