Garage Door Repair Coopersville

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Garage Door Repair Coopersville

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Coopersville was named after Benjamin Cooper, who purchased 640 acres of land to harvest timber near Ottawa county, Michigan. Being heavily forested, you may imagine that Coopersville has a plethora of wooden garage doors, yet steel has become the most popular modern garage door material. All garage materials have their pros and cons and each is affected differently by the weather. If you require garage door repair in Coopersville, rely on the experienced team at Shepherd Shoreline. We have over 50 years of experience installing garage doors in Coopersville.

Facts About Coopersville, MI

  • Coopersville, Michigan has a population of 4,386
  • The area consisted of 1,604 households according to the 2010 census
  • The median property value is $125,000

When You Need Garage Door Repair Coopersville

With over a thousand households, and growing, you can now find a balanced mix of older home and newer construction in Coopersville, Michigan. Older homes may have outdated garage doors. Steel and wood garage doors last around 20 years. Steel doors are door are inexpensive, can be tailored to match your home’s aesthetic, and require less maintenance. However, they have poor insulation, which can affect their components, especially in extreme Michigan weather. Wooden garage doors are strong, attractive, and can be customization, yet they can decay, and, similar to steel garage doors, often have poor insulation. Insulation is a huge factor when maintaining the components of your garage door, as each as its own lifespan.

Springs, cables, openers, etc., all have their own life-spans. Garage door springs last around 10,000 cycles, which is around 14 years. If not maintained properly, springs can break sooner. Metal contracts in the cold, which can cause damage to garage door springs. Garage door cables should be inspected once a year. If you notice any signs of fraying, you’ll want to replace your the cables. With the invention of newer technologies, garage door openers are no longer what they used to be. Smart garage door openers can connect to your phone or other devices. Garage door openers typically last 15 years, but maybe that will change with new designs.

Garage door repair in Coopersville, MI doesn’t need to be stressful. We sell a variety of brand-name products to replace existing garage door parts when necessary. We are open and ready to assist you. Give us a call at 231-780-2847 to schedule your appointment or receive an estimate.

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