Best Questions to Ask a Garage Door Expert

by | Jul 14, 2022 | Garage Doors

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There are only two instances where you would contact a garage door expert: when you need to have a garage door repaired, or to have a new garage door installed. Both require someone adept to ensure a properly working garage door, so asking the right questions is integral. 

It is not often that one will have the need to hire a garage door expert; nonetheless, you will want that expert to have the skills and experience best suited for your project. This process may seem daunting, but rest assured, asking the right questions will save you time, money, and frustration.

3 Questions to Ask Your Garage Door Repair Service Provider

What Garage Door Services Do You Offer?

As straightforward as that sounds, you would be surprised to know that many have regretted not asking this simple question. Sometimes the expert will have more to offer. Garage door experts or companies, in addition to installation and repair services, will sometimes even sell garage doors and parts. 

On the flip side, sometimes sneaky charges happen, especially if the garage door expert or company is failing to be transparent. To help combat mysterious bill inclusions, be sure to know all the specifics and ask what the expert’s services all include. Many homeowners will simply say they want a “holistic service” for garage door repair – not realizing that a third-party service provider will be involved to work on other aspects, like paint.

Ask for a list of their services price list instead of asking for a quote right away. Most experts have detailed pricing, covering the range of work offered and the time it takes to complete. 

What Garage Door Brands Do You Sell?

Sometimes pricing for garage door services does not exist. This can be typical, but the garage door expert or company should have transparent pricing for their products, i.e., garage doors, parts, etc. 

If the professional you’re currently negotiating with does not offer this information, that’s a red flag! Suppose you’re looking for an installation or replacement, and they’ll give you a quote immediately without even telling you the door’s price. In that case, you lose all leverage to negotiate the labor rate. Do not fall for package deals!

A trustworthy garage door expert will cover other details in addition to the price, including door specifications. They will walk you through material selection, door models, warranties, and installation rates for that door type or brand (some doors are more complex than others). 

What Are Your Warranty Options?

Almost all new garage doors and openers are covered by at least a one-year warranty (sometimes even five) on parts for replacement. Some dealers will offer repair services for free within the manufacturer’s warranty period. 

Some garage door contractors offer an extended labor warranty, meaning you have to pay for parts, but the installation or repair is free. You will want to talk to your garage door expert and discuss your options. 

A decent expert will always tell you the pros and cons of each warranty type. They will never force you to get their extended or premium service warranty. 

Frequently Asked Garage Door Questions

How to Connect MyQ Garage Door Opener to

If you have a smart garage door from MyQ, you may have bumped into this issue. Here’s the right way to connect it to 

  • Log in to the website
  • Go to settings (left side of the screen, gear icon)
  • Click Manage Devices
  • Add Device (choose “Garage Door”)
  • Select the garage door brand available on the website
  • Provide the serial number

How to Fix Hole in the Garage Door?

Fixing a hole in your garage door is surprisingly easy! The first still will be to identify your garage door’s material. If it’s a wooden garage door, a wood filler will do the job of patching small holes. Metal tapes are the way to go if it’s a metal door. Though the process isn’t too complicated, a garage door expert or company would likely get the job done quickly!

Infographic of how to fix hole in garage door

How to Program a Ram Garage Door Opener?

  • Turn your vehicle’s key (while in the ignition) to ON
  • Bring your garage door opener within three inches of the HomeLink button to program it.
  • Hold the HomeLink and garage door opener buttons at the same time
  • Hold both buttons until your vehicle’s electronic display reads “CHANNEL # TRAINING” to CHANNEL # TRAINED before releasing both buttons
  • Find the learn or training button on your garage door opener motor.
  • Press and release the button
  • Press the HomeLink button twice in your truck (holding the button for two seconds each time, and must be done within 30 seconds)
  • Turn the key off to deactivate the programming mode

Should a Garage Door Be Repaired by Experts

Your garage door offers security to your home and vehicle, so you should never settle for less. Leaving it to amateurs may compromise that and may even end up in more problems down the road. If you need a Garage Door Repair in Allendale, contact the best garage door experts at Shepherd Shoreline | Call us at (231) 780-2847.

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