Muskegon Garage Door Opener

by | Feb 26, 2021 | Garage Door Openers

Muskegon Garage Door Opener

Did you know that the average garage door opens and closes around 1,500 times a year? Your Muskegon garage door opener is an integral part of the garage door system. A garage door is opened with the assistance of the garage door opener, a motorized device controlled by a switch, be it a wall switch, remote, or even on your phone, that opens and closes the garage. Garage door openers typically last anywhere between 10-15 years, but some may last longer. Maintenance is imperative to keeping your garage door opener operational.

The Garage Opener:

There are varying types of garage door openers. North America mainly uses a central system in which the door opener is connected to the center of the garage door. Today most modern openers use a rubber belt rive system to open the door, while, in the past, most used chains. Motors also have different ratings, which allows them all to lift different weights. Most opener motors are alternate current, or AC models. Their ratings range from .5 to .75 horsepower. Some motors have variable speeds, like direct current models. The opener itself consists of a receiver, whereas the garage door opener remote is a radio transmitter. When the remote is pressed, a signal is sent to the opener. One of the most common garage door remote problems is as simple as dead batteries. You can also add a garage door opener keypad, this is a pad that you must enter a code on in order for the garage to open. Garage door opener keypads add an extra layer of safety to your home.

Muskegon Garage Door Opener Maintenance:

Ensuring the functionality of your garage door opener relies on its surrounding components, like cables and springs. You should also lubricate the garage door track at least once a year. Yet, the opener itself should be inspected every month. The best way to do this is by performing a reversal test to evaluate the door opener’s force setting. With the door open, place a one-inch board, or two-inch thick sponge, below the garage door. The door should reverse when it hits the board. The reversal test is important because if the garage door system exerts too much force it could potentially kill children or pets.

Garage door openers are integral to the operation of your garage door. If your garage door opener is failing, consider hiring Shepherd Shoreline to install a replacement garage door opener. We carry top of the line brands like Linear and Liftmaster.

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