Grand Haven Garage Door Repair

by | Mar 15, 2021 | Garage Doors

Grand Haven Garage Door Repair

garage door repair grand haven miGrand Haven garage door repair is as simple as a phone call away. The skilled garage door specialists at Shepherd Shoreline are adept in residential garage repair throughout West Michigan. A thoroughly working garage is important to any resident as they’re often used as entry and exit points for home owners and their vehicles. When owning a home with a detached garage that fails to function, it’s possible that a person can become trapped inside. Protect yourself and your family from unwanted dangers of of poorly working garage door by understanding their dangers.

Can a Grand Haven Garage Door Kill You?

Death by garage door is rare. Forty eight people were killed by automatic doors between the years 1982 and 1992. With newer technologies, garage doors have become safer in general; however, their parts can cause bodily harm when not installed properly. Some of the most hazardous aspects of a Grand Haven garage door come from DIY installation and spring repair. More than 20,000 injuries from failed garage door repair occur each year, the reason being is that people receive the wrong information online, use the wrong parts, and try to fix components that are pressurized. A garage door consists of moving parts that, when tampered with, may cause the entire door to malfunction.

What are the Most Common Garage Door Injuries?

  • Crushing – This is one of the most common and dangerous accidents caused by a garage. Garages have sensors to detect when people or animals are underneath, but if your sensors are blocked or your door needs repair, this type of accident could cause a lot of damage to your body or car.
  • Pinched Fingers – Children are curious and one common injury is when their fingers get caught in garage door sections or tracks, but, of course, this can happen to an adult as well. Stay away from doors while in motion.
  • Lacerations -This often happens when a garage door window breaks. However, many newer door styles use shatter-resistant glass, making this issue less common.

What Does a Grand Have Garage Door Repair Specialist Do?

A certified garage door specialist can perform safety inspections, replace and install new garage doors, as well as make adjustments to garage door parts. West Michigan garage door specialists help save money and time as well as take ownership for the repair of your garage door. Step out of the way of danger and entrust your garage door to someone with years of professional garage door repair and installation experience.

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