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Shepherd Shoreline is your go-to expert for exceptional Spring Lake garage door solutions. By collaborating with leading manufacturers, we deliver an extensive selection of top-tier garage doors tailored to suit the unique needs of Spring Lake’s residences and businesses. Our team of experienced technicians, known for their craftsmanship and dedication, excel in providing personalized garage door installation, repair, and maintenance services, ensuring your property not only looks great but operates seamlessly.

Shepherd Shoreline Services

Spring Lake Garage Door Installation

Shepherd Shoreline redefines excellence in Spring Lake garage door installation services. We take pride in our ability to provide solutions that not only elevate the curb appeal of your property but also optimize its functionality. Our seasoned experts carry out each garage door installation with a meticulous eye for detail, upholding the highest standards of quality and precision.

Spring Lake Garage Door Repair

A faulty garage door can be more than just an inconvenience – it’s a security risk. Shepherd Shoreline responds swiftly with reliable repair services in Spring Lake. Our skilled technicians are well-versed in tackling various issues, from minor repairs to major overhauls, ensuring your garage door functions smoothly and securely.

Spring Lake Maintenance Services

Proactive maintenance is key to a long-lasting Spring Lake garage door. Shepherd Shoreline offers a comprehensive maintenance program designed to identify and address potential issues before they become major problems. Our team of garage door experts can provide regular check-ups and tune-ups to help you avoid unexpected breakdowns and extend the life of your garage door.

With over 50 years of industry experience, Shepherd Shoreline stands as the standard for skill and quality in Spring Lake garage door installation, repair, and maintenance services. Our ability to cater to various property types, from charming residential homes to bustling commercial venues, positions us as the versatile and trusted partner for all your garage door necessities.

Why Choose Shepherd Shoreline?


For exceptional Spring Lake garage door installation and repair services, Shepherd Shoreline is your trusted ally. Our seasoned team brings a wealth of experience, ensuring every facet of your garage door requirements is addressed with meticulous care and professionalism. From installing robust and stylish garage doors to executing precise repairs and thorough maintenance, our commitment to excellence is evident in every task we undertake.

  • Professional Technicians. Our Shepherd Shoreline team comprises highly skilled Spring Lake garage door installation and repair technicians. They blend technical prowess with a customer-centric approach, ensuring a seamless service experience. Fully insured, our technicians offer peace of mind, knowing that your project is in the safest hands.


  • Quality Garage Doors. Quality is non-negotiable at Shepherd Shoreline. We supply garage doors from esteemed brands, such as C.H.I. Overhead Doors, Mid-America Door, and Amarr Garage Doors, promising durability and style. Choose from our selection knowing your Spring Lake garage door is among the best in the market.


  • Timely Service. Time is of the essence, and Shepherd Shoreline is dedicated to providing prompt and efficient services. Whether for installation, repair, or maintenance, our Spring Lake garage door experts strive to minimize inconvenience, ensuring your daily routine is as uninterrupted as possible.


  • Customer Satisfaction Priority. Your satisfaction is our top priority. From the first interaction to the completion of your Spring Lake garage door project, Shepherd Shoreline aims to exceed your expectations, providing a service experience that’s as smooth and enjoyable as your new garage door.

About Spring Lake

Spring Lake, MI, is a captivating village located along the vibrant coastline of Lake Michigan, known for its tranquil atmosphere, friendly community, and stunning natural beauty. The village boasts a wealth of parks, waterfronts, and nature trails, making it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. The Spring Lake itself, from which the village derives its name, is a centerpiece of the area, offering residents and visitors alike a picturesque setting for water activities, relaxation, and scenic enjoyment.

Carriage house garage door example

The changing seasons in Spring Lake, however, bring varied weather conditions, emphasizing the importance of well-maintained and functional home exteriors, particularly garage doors. A sturdy and reliable garage door is essential for safeguarding against the elements, whether it’s the winter chill or the occasional rainstorm, ensuring the safety and security of homes and belongings.

This is where Shepherd Shoreline steps in, offering expert garage door solutions to the Spring Lake community. Our extensive range of garage door options, sourced from trusted manufacturers, offers durability, efficiency, and design to suit your unique needs and preferences. Let our team of skilled Spring Lake garage door installation and repair professionals guide you in choosing and maintaining the perfect garage door for your home or business. 

Service Areas

Beyond the scenic bounds of Spring Lake, Shepherd Shoreline extends its top-notch garage door services to neighboring communities, maintaining our unwavering standards of excellence and dedication to customer care. Residents and businesses in Whitehall, Fruitport, Grand Haven, and other nearby Michigan areas can rely on our skilled team of technicians for premier garage door installation, repair, and maintenance services.

Our deep understanding of the local nuances of Spring Lake and its surrounding areas enables us to deliver garage door solutions that perfectly match the architectural beauty and functional demands of each community. Shepherd Shoreline is committed to enhancing the value and appeal of properties across the region, reinforcing the unique character and convenience of every area we serve.

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Garage Door F.A.Q.

Commonly asked questions about Garage Door Installation and Repairs.

My car is stuck in my garage! How do I get my garage door open?

It depends on what is wrong with your garage door. Please call us at (231) 780-2847 and let us know what problem you are having. If we need to come out to complete a repair, we will try to get out to your house as quickly as possible.

How much does a new garage door cost?

Anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000. The cost is going to vary greatly based on the materials you choose, the customizations you would like, and whether or not any structural changes will be required. Some questions to consider:

  • Do you need us to remove and dispose of an existing garage door?
  • Do you need the existing garage door opening resized?
  • Is the existing hardware still good or does it need to be replaced?
  • Do you want a manual, or automatic garage door?
  • Is the material Wood, Steel, Aluminum, Fiberglass, or Vinyl?
  • Do you want any customizations such as Windows, Trim/Panels, barn door style, etc.
  • Is it a one or two-stall garage door?

How much are garage door repairs?

The cost to repair a garage door depends on whether it’s the actual door that needs to be repaired, the opener, the springs, or possibly the tracks. Generally speaking, you can expect the cost to be between $150-$300, but again this is going to depend on your unique situation.