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by | May 10, 2022 | Garage Door Openers

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A smart garage door opener is a modern product with a wireless internet connection feature. This feature allows homeowners to remotely operate their garage doors using their smartphone or other compatible device. Many homeowners have found this appealing and have shifted from the traditional garage door opener to the smart garage door opener, allowing them to monitor their garages while away from home. This article explains how smart garage door openers work and their benefits. 

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Why Switch to a Smart Garage Door Opener

A smart garage door opener enables you to access and monitor your garage door through popular technologies like the smartphone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer. Smart garage door openers provide you with complete control over your garage door’s opening and closing function from any location. It also allows you to check on the status of your garage door, to confirm whether it is open or closed after you have left the property. This added benefit saves the homeowner worry and helps avoid an unnecessary trip back to the home. 

How does a Smart Garage Door Opener Work?

A smart garage door opener operates using a controller and a sensor connected to a smart device via wireless internet connection. A reliable WiFi network connection is required and must be within a reasonable distance of the controller in order for the smart garage opener to work. 

A smart application connects the controller to your smart device. You can open or close your garage door from anywhere using the app, as long as both the controller and the smart device are connected to the internet. Furthermore, you can monitor your garage door with the sensor installed. The sensor sends you notifications about your garage door’s status.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Smart Garage Door Opener?

Though a smart garage door opener is more expensive than conventional garage door openers, the benefits make it worthwhile. Here are some advantages to mention:

Accessible Monitoring

You can monitor your garage door’s status from anywhere with a smart garage door opener. The smart garage door opener’s app provides quick access to the status of the smart garage door. If you accidentally forget to close the garage door, you can open the app and shut the garage door remotely. It’s as easy as that!

Improved Home Security

With the smart garage door opener app you can view and track garage door activities. The app records when the garage door was opened and closed throughout the day. Monitoring your garage activities allows you to stay alert and potentially keep intruders from entering your garage. In addition, some smart garage door openers have built-in cameras for you to view who enters and exits your garage, which is particularly useful while away from the property.

Complete Control

Having a smart garage door opener gives you complete control over your garage activities. For example, the homeowner has the ability to allow visitors access to the garage by simply opening the garage door through the smart garage door opener app. The app also provides the option to customize and schedule its activity for opening and closing the garage door. 

Common Smart Garage App Features

A smart garage app controls the entire activity of your garage door when you have a smart garage door opener. The app comes with several features that you can utilize and tailor to suit your needs. Some standard features include the following:

Infographic of the common smart garage app features

Remote Access

The app provides easy access to the controls of your garage door from any location. You can check on the garage door’s status and remotely open or close it from your smart device. You are in control. 

Shared Access

More than one person can have access to the app and smart garage door. You can think of it as having an extra key and giving it to your partner or other household member. This is a great option to share limited access and control with those you want permitted entry.

Real-time Notifications

Automatically receive alerts and notifications on your smart device whenever your garage door opens or closes. This feature even tells you if an intruder is opening your garage by force.

Preset Scheduling

You can schedule an automated opening or closing of your garage door at a specified time with this app feature. 

Live Video

Some smart garage door openers include a built-in camera. With the camera installed, you can overview what is happening in your garage in real-time.

Popular Smart Garage Door Opener Brands

Many companies offer smart garage door openers of various brands. Among the most popular smart garage door opener brands are:


Linear offers high-quality garage door operators with smart-enabled technology, allowing customers to have more convenient garage access and improved garage security. 

Linear garage door opener

The LDCO863B is one of Linear’s smart garage door operators that offers the most advanced lighting features, having 3 LED panels with 4,100 lumens. This product also features a self-diagnostic system that alerts the users by flashing lights in case a problem occurs. Any mobile device with a wireless internet connection can remotely use the Linear Smart App to monitor and control garage doors.


LiftMaster garage door openers are equipped with contemporary design and innovative features that match the needs of modern-day homes. 

LiftMaster garage door opener

The 87504-267 is one of the LiftMaster garage door openers that features a built-in camera and two-way audio communication. This product also includes a battery backup that allows you to open or close your garage in the event of a power loss. This smart garage door opener utilizes the myQ app to control and monitor your garage from any location.

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